I am so grateful for your dedicated service,and courage to give us light, and power through out our city each day, and especially through these very difficult times.
Melissa, Albuquerque

Melissa, Albuquerque,NM

During these rather dark days, thank you for all you do to help ensure a bright future for us all!

Randall, Albuquerque, NM

I have lived in NM my entire life. Some of my earliest memories are of line crews restoring service in the middle of the night: they helped me to choose working for a utility. Thanks to all of you!!!

John, Albuquerque

Thank you all for your work to help ensure that our lives run smoothly. You are appreciated, believe me. Shockingly, I can't think of a pun right now! Stay safe.

Noah, Albuquerque, NM

Thank you for all your hard work and keeping our city bright when it gets dark!

Miranda, Albuquerque

My family is very grateful to the linemen who came out to Cedar Crest last night after a power outage from heavy snowfall. We had lights and heat again in less than 2 hours! You all are the best!

Sharon, Cedar Crest, NM

Thank you for being a wonderful caring person and an awesome Lineman. We are extremely lucky to have you as part of our PNM family!

Shelia, ABQ NM

With all of the other things thrown into chaos, it's so nice to see the dedication you guys provide. Thank you so much!!!

Lori, Albuquerque

Thank you for your sacrifice, dedication, and overall services that you provide 24/7. We appreciate you and all you do for our company and state! We wouldn’t be a successful company without YOU!

Apollonia, Albuquerque, NM

I can't thank you enough for the important work you do in our communities every day. I'm so proud to work with all of you !

Meaghan, Albuquerque, NM