Thank you, Linemen and Linewoman for providing electricity to us. I have experience in the electrical field and am aware how dangerous it can be. Please stay safe and God bless you.

Dori, Rio Rancho, NM

For very special people who live with risk every day of their job – Thank you very much. I couldn’t do your job & I love my electricity. My prayers ask that you be kept safe. Bless you all.

Gwen, Albuquerque, NM

Thank you to all the LInemen in PNM. You are very much appreciated!

– Bill

Bill, Rio Rancho, NM

Thank you for the work you do keeping our eletric working. Please stay Safe and Healthy

Sarah, Albuquerque

Thank you for keeping the electricity on and still working through this pandemic.

Jeremy Padilla, Edgewood, NM

Without you guys and gals my husband would not be able to breath he is on oxygen and a concentrator and we need the electric
at night for the concentrator.
Our thanks for all you do.

cathy, Rio Rancho

Thank you for all that you are doing!

Robert, Albuquerque

Thank you Linesman/woman. To a child and family, a simple "click" means comfort and safety in knowing that their lives can move on everyday and night. Stay safe. God Bless You

Gloria, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Thank you very much for all you do!! My POWER HEROES!!!

Dale, Rio Rancho, NM

Stay safe and THANK YOU!

Gilbert, Santa Fe NM