My father, a mechanical engineer, designed bucket lifts. I have known of linemen & their work since childhood.
After an outage, as power is restored, I bless the linemen who keep civilization going

Ann, Ruidoso, NM

Thank you for your dedication and service. Our country could not function without you. My father worked his entire career as a lineman and I know how hard you work and important you are.

Bill, Albuquerque

There is no better employee committed than our lineman who day in and day out face tough challenges and sacrifices for the betterment of helping our customers receive reliable and trusted service !

Chuck, Sandia Park, NM

Thank you PNM line crew for providing essential and reliable service throughout the year! We can always count on you!
Flora S. Albuquerque

Flora, Albuquerque, NM

Thanks to all the wonderful linemen that go out everyday and keep the lights on for all of us.
Please know that we are grateful for all you do to make our lives better!!

Vicki, albuquerque

Most people dont know how dangerous and hard your job is. you work long hours in the middle of the night sometimes, in bad weather, on holidays. Thank you for keeping us safe and warm

marianne, santa fe

Thank you Linesman/woman. To a child and family, a simple "click" means comfort and safety in knowing that their lives can move on everyday and night. Stay safe. God Bless You

Gloria, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Thank you all for the wonderful job you do, so we can have can all of the comforts at our homes. Stay safe .

Ben and Wanda Giovengo, Rio Rancho N.M.

I appreciate all you do to keep my electricity on especially when the weather is bad. Your commitment to provide reliable power is a great thing that sometimes I take for granted. Thank you.

Ruby, Ruidoso, NM

I can't thank you enough for risking your lives each day so that we may have the wonderful convenience of electricity.

Mary Ann, Santa Fe, NM