Thank you for the critical job that you do. You make it possible for New Nexicans to cook, learn, work, play, and communicate with loved ones from the safety of their homes.

Janise, Albuquerque

Thank you for keeping us safe during this scary and unsure time! If it wasn't for you, the world would most certainly fall into chaos. New Mexico is forever grateful for all that you do.

Sofia, Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Thank you for working hard, and risking your life. We appreciate everything that you do! Stay safe and healthy.

Joanna, Pojoaque, nm

Thank you so much for keeping the heat and lights on. We appreciate the best lineman and electric company in the country!! Please keep yourselves safe and hope your family is healthy!! Love from SF!

Ryan, Santa Fe, NM

Thank you for your hard work. We do appreciate you for being on call immediately to get the electricity back on after every storm disconnects us. We knew being a lineman is a risky job.

Clarence Bustamante, Las Vegas, New Mexico

When the storm rolls in, you roll out!
And when we need help to lift a 50ft monster to burn our gloom you set forward to help.
Thank you to each and every one of you for what you do powering our liv

Raymond, Santa Fe

All my friends and family are so impressed by how PNM has stayed in the field and kept everything running so well. You are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Stacey, Santa Fe, NM

Thank you for keeping our lights on, our computers running, our heating and cooling, and so many other things we rely on electricity for.

Debbie, Albuquerque, NM

Thanks for keeping the electricity flowing and allowing us to work from home during this crazy time!!
Hoping the "gloominess" goes away soon.


Genevieve, Albuquerque, NM